First and foremost – we are an IT Asset Management company which doesn’t pretend to be all things to all people.  Our vision is to ensure that our clients invest in IT wisely.   We are proudly independent and therefore often called on to ensure that our clients enter into commercial agreements with their IT vendors with information based on facts.  Just as importantly we improve how they manage their obligations and entitlements to ensure they receive the maximum value from their IT investment.

We are pragmatic in our approach; we get stuff done and we believe it is better to seek forgiveness than permission. Our culture is one of healthy discontent with the status quo so when it comes to Asset Management and organisations are trying to keep track of asset usage, compliance, the different licensing models, contracts and the list goes on, there is plenty of discontent! 

This is why we exist. To make Asset Management a more transparent, simple to manage and to automate the process as much as possible.  We often become the IT procurement wingmen  to be there providing all the contractual and technical expertise to ensure overspend is avoided whilst ensuring full compliance.

We essentially value everything as an asset.  Whether it be a device, software, an architecture or strategy.  Every IT investment must be quantifiable and have a return.  If the value of an initiative cannot be measured in terms of lower cost or high productivity, don’t do it!