We exist because we fundamentally believe that more often than not the IT industry over promises and under delivers, and customers are still paying a fortune for the privilege! 

We are a specialist consultancy firm that doesn’t pretend to be all things to all people. Alongside our client work we are actively involved in the Australian IT industry, working with industry associations to improve the overall performance of the industry and increase awareness of the positive things IT does deliver. 

We are pragmatic in our approach; we get stuff done and we believe it is better to seek forgiveness than permission. Our culture is one of healthy discontent with the status quo.  Particularly when it comes to Asset Management, Strategy & Planning, and implementing infrastructure solutions, our role is to deliver, educate and advise, not to make people feel better. Our Data Intelligence Practice is the engine room which builds innovative solutions to support our core offerings. 

What We Do
We essentially value everything as an asset.  Whether it be a device, software, an architecture or strategy.  Every IT investment must be quantifiable and have a return.  If the value of an initiative cannot be measured in terms of lower cost or high productivity, don’t do it!