The priority for organisations is to extract value from IT asset data in a changing environment, and ensure that all potential ITAM & ITSM data sources are accurate in order to improve delivery of services to the organisation. Improving and maintaining the quality of the underlying data sources pertaining to ITAM & ITSM, is essential for effective asset management capabilities, and will result in increased operational efficiencies and potential cost savings / avoidance. Various inventory, discovery and organisational data sources are required to track IT assets, however we understand there is no method currently in place to ensure that these sources are accurate and that all devices are inventoried / managed in a consistent manner.

TMG is proud to be the exclusive reseller of AirTrack and which was developed by Mastermind Assets Australia Pty Ltd.  A dedicated tool for analysing and reporting on the breadth, depth, quality and currency of data sources, particularly with respect to their usefulness as inputs for IT Asset Management (ITAM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) functions.  Click here to visit the official AirTrack website.


The Business Need

Customers require a reliable mechanism to assess the quality of data and remediate where required. The objective is to provide information to stakeholders with confidence, and ensure a more mature approach to identifying underlying data issues. AirTrack will allow them to continually monitor the accuracy of its data sources and to ensure any downstream applications/uses (such as software compliance positions) are based on accurate information.

TMG utilises AirTrack as an essential part of its Hardware Asset Management Service, providing an initial Asset Baseline to inform a management plan going forward. How sure are customers that their ITAM system is reporting accurately? What remediation steps need to take place to ensure there is sufficient coverage of all in-scope assets?

Customers utilise AirTrack on an ongoing basis to ensure the underlying data sources informing IT Asset Management are correct, providing internal stakeholders with with reports on anomalies identified for remediation.

A Couple of Scenarios

Company A conducts an ELP using Microsoft SCCM as its primary source of data. They find they have 14,790 devices, and 12,000 installations of the relevant software, therefore a license position is created and the company believes they are in compliance. However, SCCM only had 87% coverage of total devices; the company in fact has 17,000 devices so there are 2,210 devices for which Company A does not have inventory and a significant licence breach is likely.

AirTrack enables your inventory sources to be validated against other dynamic sources to ensure your ITAM system understands how much of its fleet it has inventory for; and to take steps to remediate the remainder.

In our experience we have found a data quality assessment (enabled by AirTrack) essential to having a defensible position with the vendor during an audit situation, this independent article also illustrates the necessity of validating your data. The analysis provided by AirTrack can identify broader opportunities and provide recommendations for improvement. TMG customers tell us this information is useful beyond the scope of ELP’s/True-ups/Audits, it assists in ensuring other internal IT systems have the coverage you expect, for example:

• 100% of desktop fleet with Corporate Anti-Virus?
• Are all of the required attributes captured in your inventory source? (Processor, type, etc.)
• Does the inventory source capture 100% of its target platform?
• Are all users captured in your HR system?
• Are policies for object deletion / retirement working?