Are We Finally Turning in the Corner with Our Busted Education System?

It is has been a while since I last wrote about education.  Mainly because I was getting sick of talking doom and gloom and I made a pact with myself that until I saw signs of the very slow wheels of the education system bureaucracy and complacency to shift would I refrain from making any further comments. 

The tiny miracles of unconventional wisdom by a far too few has now caught the attention of some key people of influence in the technology world where they find it within themselves to put their money where their mouth is and supporting initiatives such as Altschools.  

Collaborative learning, enabled with technology is making a difference and Mark Zuckerberg led a $100 million funding round to get this up and running.  I love to hear that AltSchool avoids terms like teachers, schools and classrooms and instead uses terms like educators, learning labs and studios.  Refreshing as it sounds, it is only in the US and it is expensive but with the unexplained popularity of private schools, if i had the money, I would be spending here!  Unless parents have a choice to invest in a new system and not for a bunch of teachers teaching the same curriculum as public schools! 

Enough from me, read this for yourself.