Education Disrupters - Exactly What Our Outdated, 300 Year Old Education System Needs!


7 June 2014: As I try to relax on the last long weekend for a while in Melbourne, I felt I had some unfinished business in my earlier blog about whether or not schools were consumers of technology or electronics.  I then came across a TED Ed blog on education and after seeing a rather nice Microsoft sponsored video called Two Educators, Two Different Visions, you can watch it here (it’s actually quite inspiring), it triggered me to find out a little more…..


We all have this natural ability to self discover, to accept all without judgement, have open mindedness, to experience all that is thrown at us and to instinctively learn from each other. We all did it… as children.  So as life evolves, our parents and their parents before them and in fact throughout life, they did what they believe is the right thing (as I have done too) and sent our children lovingly to school.  To be “educated”. To learn, to leverage natural talents, to interact, to collaborate, to thrive.  It doesn’t matter which school you send them to really but in all but a few cases, the opposite has been occurring and for far too long.

Sheer numbers of students mean that the current, relatively unchanged 300 year old, outdated and wonderfully constructed education system established by the British Empire delivers when it comes to scale.  However the problem is, is that it is no longer relevant and has not been relevant for quite some time.  It continues to do what it has effectively been doing since its inception and this the snuffing out the creativity and natural learning abilities of our children.  Often without anyone even realising it!  Ironically, some of us prefer to pay dearly for the privilege of sending out children to the best schools with often the same results (well maybe they have access to a better business network when they leave I guess).  But as Sugata Mitra so elegantly puts it, schools have become bureaucratic administrative machines producing identical people for a sytem that no longer exists.

So let Sugata explain more but have an open mind:


Schools could no longer control the onset of technology so they attempt to control (OK manage) how the technology is adopted by children and now I understand why.  They have to ensure technology does not disrupt the “tried and true” 300 year old education system – making sure children still learn the same way to produce the same results.  There is another institution that does this too – they’re called religions!  But that is a story for another day

Thankfully, my world is opening up to like minded individuals who are passionate about ensuring our children grow up to be creative, wonderfully disruptive and collaborative adults.

I will note who likes and comments on my blogs so I can reach out to you all to ensure we drive the change that is required.  Stay tuned for more.