Our Vision on Education


At the heart of human development is education and learning by experience.  Lighting the spark of human curiosity within children.  It’s unfortunate that in the majority of cases, the education system fails to achieve this.  Teaching is creative and not simply acting as a medium to transmit information to students.  Teaching does not necessarily mean students are actually learning.    We know that education must scale to be delivered as efficiently and cost effectively as possible but we need to discover news ways to still achieve this but not force children and adults to conform to an education process that does not enable or release human creativity.

Through TMG’s active involvement with the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) and specifically the Education Special Interest Group (SIG) we are passionate not only about broad education but to also ensure that we can attract students to the vibrant ICT industry.  But the reality is, this is not happening.  Australia (although some may not realize this) will be relying on innovation, creativity and smart people in order to compete in the global community more than ever.  Our manufacturing and even farming sectors are struggling to remain competitive.  Not enough is being done to invest in research and development and by developing and commercializing innovation.  Some of our best minds prefer to live overseas in countries where innovation is rightfully rewarded and encouraged.

Education must foster creativity and not conform to standardisation.  You want to see someone who actually gets this?  Check out Ken Robinson on this great TED talk.  This will convince you!!


 In similar vein, We believe passionately believe in learning concepts such as those being delivered by theKhan Academy who have a key goal of changing education all together.  There is a need for classroom and human interaction in the learning process.  A process of teacher student collaboration and contextualizing education.  Making it relevant!

This video of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teen who was shot in the head for promoting education for girls speaking at the United Nations.  This extraordinary video demonstrates courage for standing up for not only educational rights for girls but demonstrates what unwavering courage is able to achieve.  It is truly inspiring.


MG is always on the look out for creative and talented people that have a passion to learn and experience the best the ICT industry has to offer.  If you have recently graduated or even if you have a natural talent for technology and importantly are a good communicator, we want to hear from you.  Drop us a line at info@tmg100.com