Since 2006, we have been a proudly independent Australian company and today, we are one of the largest independent IT Asset Managed Service Providers.


A young and dynamic company focused on providing the best in class Asset Management solutions to enterprise and government clients. We eat, drink and breath ITAM and with the introduction of our unique ITAM as a Managed Service, we are growing at a rapid rate.  People are now realising the quantifiable benefits of experiencing our pragmatic approach to ITAM

Do it, do it properly, do it unbiasedly and do it with class.  It's hard enough for our clients to run profitable businesses without having to have IT vendors wasting their time with audits and pressure to sign up to expensive contracts without having the facts! 

We make Asset Management a more transparent, simple to manage and to automated processes as much as possible.  We often become the IT procurement wingmen to be there providing all the contractual and technical expertise to ensure overspend is avoided whilst ensuring compliance.

TMG are here to disrupt and to serve our clients to ensure they extract the maximum value when investing in technology
— Fulvio Inserra, Managing Director

Our Approach

At TMG, our business continues to re-assess what intrinsic value we deliver to our customers.  It means continual self improvement and evolving our offerings to market. We vigorously protect our core business of IT Asset Management and then broaden our horizons on related disciplines which adds capability to core offering.  Our growth means re-investing in operational excellence to ensure we deliver the service and capability our customers expect.  We thrive on punching above our weight and our size and flexibility enables us to be nimble and more importantly predicable in output and quality.

We have six mantras that we stand by:

TMG Breathes
We evolve and redefine ourselves on a regular basis.  With each evolution we let go of past experiences and ideas that do not serve us and we attract new and inspiring ideals that make us the talking point and leaders in our field

TMG Entertains
We are a form of entertainment to our clients by way of providing interactive and engaging experiences in the way we deliver our projects and the ongoing relationships we sustain via our Managed Services.  Each interaction stimulates a positive emotional response such as happiness, satisfaction and resolve. We educate our staff to engage these emotions in their interactions which creates stronger bonds between our customers and our organisation

TMG Feels
Sure, we face challenges but we are open and honest about these as they are being resolved.  We recognise at the deepest level what our customers are experiencing and we offer our sincere understanding and assistance to them.

TMG is Professional
No matter how open and honest and engaging we are, we treat everyone with the same high level of respect no matter who they are.   Fundamental deliverables such as being well spoken, pleasantly mannered and ensuring prompt service are never compromised

TMG Awakens
Not only do we serve but our business provokes.  It instigates useful conversations by addressing matters at the core of customer’s needs.  It discusses taboos honestly in a non-threatening manner and provides customers with a safe and secure haven within the wider scope and occasionally rocky terrain of the IT industry!

TMG Challenges
We not only care for our customers but we also challenge them and calls them to account.  We do not tolerate or pander to self-sabotaging behaviour and instead we highlight the actions not serving our customers through frank discussions.  We like to extend our customer’s comfort zones and commands respect by having their best long-term interests at heart



Many organisations speak about providing good service and value for money but find it difficult to live by this ethos.  Admittedly, it can be a challenge unless the business owner, management and staff truly believe that customers really come first.  We are all consumers in the different roles we play in life and we expect no less in those roles.  So when we play the role as service provider, it means providing good service!  We came across an interesting Slideshare presentation with some interesting words from famous people in business and community.  We thought people visiting our site would find it of interest.

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  • Establish rapport and trust with our customers where we become their ITAM resident experts
  • Deliver practical ITAM solutions that enable our customers to make informed business decisions
  • Operate in leading and/or resourcing in house teams to deliver timely, leading edge solutions.
  • Work with innovative partners who have the products and specialist services that enable customers to achieve their business objectives