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Asset Management Inventory Tools are essential to managing, tracking and reporting on an organisation’s software and hardware entitlements. Deploying such inventory tools reduces the time and effort Asset Management teams require updating reports and analysing various spread sheets, database and/or accounting systems. TMG can assist organisations in selecting the right asset management inventory tool for their environment, or optimise the organisation’s existing solution.


AirTrack is our own developed simple, elegant solution for keeping track of your assets. It gives you the tools and processes to track assets throughout their lifecycle, and pulls everything you know about an asset together in one place.  The result is better business decisions!

TMG has chosen the following partners because their solutions complement TMG’s approach and provide the clarity our customers need when focusing on Asset Management.

FlexNet Manager for Desktops is built on the FlexNet Manager Platform, a robust framework that provides desktop to datacentre software asset management functionality, including insight into software installations and usage, and purchased versus installed license reconciliation.

FlexNet’s comprehensive reporting capabilities allow users to identify and evaluate areas of compliance concern, and make informed decisions that reduce license and maintenance costs for software from thousands of publishers. By optimising software licenses for key vendors, including Microsoft and Adobe, FlexNet Manager for Desktops enables organisations to save on audits, renewals, and true-ups.

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The Lime License Manager includes a sophisticated discovery capability to explore an organisation’s Oracle domain, pinpointing unused licences and/or potential risk in the case of excess use. Lime License Manager offers unique capabilities to establish the Actual License Position for an organisation’s Oracle domain and provides comprehensive but easy to use reporting functions.

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