TMG is able to provide end to end IT Asset Management services, utilising the skills, expertise and resources within our Asset Portfolio Management Practice which includes licensing and contract specialists, business analysts specialising in procurement & asset lifecycle management process improvement, and certified technical asset engineers.  Organisations trust and work with us to gain an insight into evaluating the effectiveness of existing policies and procedures and what is required in order to improve the ITAM capability, including Software Asset Management to drive value from IT investment.

Our strength lies in our extensive expertise in ITAM and our independence from software vendors. We have all the knowledge your resellers have but with no vested interests in getting you to purchase more licenses.  We have certified and experienced ITAM Specialists with deep technical and business expertise which has enabled us to have success in assisting organisations in their comprehension and management of ITAM complexities and to support them in creating an ITAM culture that fits with the organisation’s specific needs.


If you are responsible for purchasing or managing IT assets, you need to ask yourself three simple questions:

  1. Are you getting value from your volume license or maintenance agreements?
  2. Are you aware and fully utilising your entitlements?
  3. Are you compliant with the terms and conditions of your agreements?

You must be able to answer yes to all of the above and if not, we can help.  You get the best of both worlds with us.  We have all the knowledge your resellers have but we have no vested interests in getting you purchase more than you need to as we are not aligned to any mainstream IT vendors.

By way of example, we have attained Gold Partner Status in Software Asset Management (SAM) with Microsoft yet we do not resell their software.  This means we are an independent Gold Partner in SAM endorsed by Microsoft in Australia.


Our Approach:

  • Accelerated Asset Assessment (AAA) to baseline what you have.  You need to know what you have and how accurately you are capturing this information
  • Prioritise vendor, contract anniversay and investment approach and not just focusing on the technology platform
  • Deliver a continuous compliance and financial status of assets (commercial/contractual implications on how your technologies are being utilised)
  • Deliver business style output enabling procurement or supply management departments to be in a stronger position to negotiate contracts
  • Implement improved processes to minimise future risk exposure and deliver traceability

Our goal is to ensure an organisation’s position is strengthened when negotiating future IT contracts.



Asset Data Analytics is critical in ensuring that an accurate count of active unique assets is captured.  We have the brightest and experienced data analysts and developers who are focused on augmenting our asset management offerings with new products and connectors to improve the accuracy of inventory capture of asset information.  This is where Airtrack was born and is where we have developed enterprise solutions for the logistics and recruitment sectors.  Our talented Data Analysts who team up with our hard core Asset Technical Specialists are our ITAM engine room accountable in ensuring that the technical Asset Management ecosystem is reporting and functioning correctly.  This ecosystem is not just about the ITAM solution itself but also all of the systems providing critical data inputs to an ITAM solution.  After all, organisations will now make important commercial decisions based on the facts and figures being produced by a dependable ITAM solution.

Our experts in this Practice have also developed an innovative ICT Initiative Planning system called OILS (Opportunity and Initiative Logging System) which is used by our enterprise customers to improve the way they budget and plan for major IT expenditure.  it is used as a tool to assist in business case development.

Information regarding any of our commercial solutions developed by our Practice can be made by contacting us at



TMG’s Managed Service Offering, enables customers to choose either a complete Managed Service, or discrete components of the service. Therefore, customers only consume the services they require. This flexibility enables our customers to maintain / develop an internal ITAM capability where desired and to outsource elements outside of their core competencies. As part of a Managed Service, TMG becomes the partner in the quest for continuous compliance. We have a proven track record in providing organisations with an insight on how vendors, contracts and technology impact their organisation.

Organisations can finally know the status of IT assets which will put them in a stronger position to:

  • Prioritise vendors
  • Defend vendor audits
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Eliminate unnecessary risk and spending (cost avoidance)
  • Improve efficiency in the use of resources
  • Implement improved processes to minimise future risk exposure and deliver traceability

We also assist organisations in remediating their existing toolsets to leverage upon their existing investments, or where applicable, assist them to select appropriate IT Asset Management toolsets and inventory tools for their environment.

In order to be effective in delivering a Managed Service pertaining to Software Asset Management, the importance of Hardware Asset Management (including lifecycle management) and Contract Management needs to be taken into account. TMG’s Core Managed Service Offering incorporates the key disciplines of Hardware, Software and Contract Management to ensure that all asset data is captured to give a clear view of an organisation’s asset estate.

With our certified ITAM specialists and TMG hosted best of breed IT Asset Management technologies to deliver a transparent service to our customers, this allows them to realise quantifiable business value and achieve an accelerated return on investment.


strategy & planning

The Strategy & Planning function has been the foundation of The Mastermind Group since its inception in 2006. Oddly enough this came about because, being experienced (and maybe cynical) IT professionals, we shared a general distrust of the word ‘strategy’. We felt that IT strategies usually ended up gathering dust on a shelf because they were too broad to be applied in practice.

Even though our focus is on IT Asset Management, we are ideally placed to offer specific strategy and planning services, particularly in managing commercial tenders and business requirements gathering.

Our approach to Strategy & Planning is underpinned by the core principles of simplicity, clarity and accountability. We have developed a methodology around these ideas which we diligently apply to each engagement (Click here for more details!)

TMG’s Strategy & Planning practice works in partnership with organisations to realise the full potential of their investments in IT. We are proud to count some of Australia’s best known organisations as clients, including Telstra, NBN Co, Foster’s Group, Sensis and Vision Australia.


  • Service Delivery Strategy – Internal, cloud or a mixture of both? What’s the best governance and service management model for this heterogeneous environment?
  • Technology strategy – Do you have a roadmap for your high value infrastructure platforms such as storage?
  • IT financial management – Determine the right mix of capex and opex in an increasingly virtualised environment.
  • Initiative Planning – TMG has developed OILS (the “Opportunities and Initiative Logging System”), a complete solution to collect and manage ideas and then turn them into costed initiatives that can be presented to management and approved (or not!)
  • Requirements, business case and tender preparation – TMG has a structured methodology to gather requirements, determine the outcomes and desired benefits and get to business case approval. We have assisted several organisations prepare infrastructure tenders, including acting as an independent advocate in the evaluation and selection process.
  • Architecture consulting – We have highly experienced software and infrastructure architects who are available to consult on short or long term engagements.